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Now Available!

INTERACTIVE EDUCATIONAL VIDEO, LLC Is happy to announce our NEW Practical Technical Theatre Digital Delivery Subscription Option!


  • Yearly Subscription brings the cost way down.  If you purchase:
    • 1-4 programs (any titles): $60.00/year, per program
    • 5-9 programs (any titles): $55.00/year, per program
    • All 10 programs: $45/year, per program (Save $150.00)

SUBSCRIPTIONS are available through Interactive Educational Video, LLC, or our authorized distributors, Theatrefolk, or EdTA.

The DVD/CD-ROM format will continue to be available through IEV, and our distributors, Theatrefolk, EdTA, Norcostco, The Drama Book Shop, Dramatic Publishing Company, Heartland Studios, and Mainstage Theatrical.

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