2nd Editions Now In Production!

2nd Editions Now In Production! 

Set Design

We are going to Flash Drives instead of DVDs, and have finally found flash drives that we can copy protect, yet allow teachers to print up the Resource Sheets.  This has set us back in our schedule, but we should have the new Flash Drives available by the end of October.  We asked teachers at different conferences if they'd prefer F;lash Drives, and the response was 100% in fovore of the Flash Drives.  Resolution will be better than DVDs, and many schools don't have disc drives in their computers anymore.

In addition to freshening up the original program, new sections will include Using Projections, 3-D Set Design Rendering, 2 interviews with USA 829 Scenic Designers, including plans and footage of the finished set, Production Concept and the Design Process including Designing Period Sets. (Anticipated Roll-Out Date, late Octorber, 2018)

Teach your students how to maintain top notch production values in facilities that range from the high school "cafetorium" to state-of-the-art theaters with PTT's Set Design program.


  • Provides examples of various types of common interior and exterior set designs: Box Sets, Unit Sets, and Wing and Drop Sets, as well as combinations of those three types.
  • Demonstrates how to analyze a script to determine technical demands.
  • Offers hands-on group projects such as researching for period plays, working with the director and other designers to achieve a specific style, and directional compositions.  Styles examined include:
    • Realism
    • Selective Realism
    • Stylized
      • Fantasy
      • Cartoon
      • Other stylized concepts
  • Multiple Set Shows and Musicals 
  • Common ways of keeping multiple setsmoving (revolves/turntables, using drops, projections, and other ways to speed up set changes)
  • Analyzes common aspects of set design including sight lines, furniture placement, traffic patterns, and basic scale drawing.

Daily Lessons

Day 1

  • Introduction         
  • Know your Theatre 

Day 2

  • Script Analysis 1, 2, 3  

Day 3

  • Design Analysis and Styles   

Day 4

  • Differences in Actual Buildings and Sets  
  • Tour of a Completed Set                        

Day 5

  • Drops and Unit Sets   
  • Exterior Sets
  • Multiple Set Shows
  • Resume’s and Portfolios (Optional, for Advanced Students)

Day 6

  • Using Projections

Day 7

  • 3D Rendering

Day 8

  • Scale Drawings  

Day 9 - 15 - Building a Model Set

  • Front Elevations and Model  
  • Preparing to Build Your Model  
  • Walls, Stairs and Platforms  
  • Furniture  
  • Painting Your Model Set  

Day 16

  • Rear Elevations and Working Drawings

The following lessons are for advanced students:

Day 17  

  • Designing a Period Set - Georama

Day 18

  •  Designing a Period Set - A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Day 19

  • Interview with the Production Team of Hamlet


Alignments to the National Standards for Arts Education

Day 01 and 02: Theater Hierarchy:

National Content Standard 5-8

3. Designing by developing environments for improvised and scripted scenes.

Achievement Standard:

3. d. Work collaboratively and safely to select and create elements of scenery, properties, lighting, and sound to signify environments, and costumes and makeup to suggest character.

National Content Standard 9-12

3. Designing and producing by conceptualizing and realizing artistic interpretations for informal and formal productions.

Achievement Standard

d. Proficient Apply technical knowledge and skills to collaboratively and safely create functional scenery, properties, lighting, sound, costumes, and make-up.
h. Advanced Safely construct and efficiently operate technical aspects of theater, film, television, or electronic media productions.