Our Programs

Practical Technical Theatre (PTT) is formatted with two important audiences in mind: professional teachers and today's students.

For the teacher, PTT is literally a class in a box. Each program consists of a broadcast quality DVD that is played in class in 15-20 minute sections. Lessons are designed to work in a 45 to 50 minute class period, and can be used back to back if your school has block scheduling. A CD-ROM includes daily lesson plans with objectives aligned to Blooms, resource sheets, written assessments and performance rubrics, handouts, projects, writing prompts, and scoring guides. The entire curriculum is aligned to the National Standards for the Arts.

For the students, PTT programs are presented in a fun and lively way to appeal to a generation of students who thrive on visual reinforcement. If we say something, we show it. The programs are not just "talking head" lectures, but interactive learning experiences designed to engage students and keep their attention.