Loyalty Program

If you bought the 1st Editions of PTT, there are several options for getting the new 2nd  editions.  Let us know:

  1. Which programs you want to replace with the new editions (Stage Management and Audio for Theatre available now.  Others are in production).
  2. Your name, and the name and address of your school

If you contact us at:


And we can look up the purchase date of the programs you bought. 

Option 1:  1st Edition DVD/CD-ROM Replacement Program
If you bought Stage Management or Audio for Theatre programs after January 1, 2014, and want to have the 2nd edition of either  program, we will replace those for a S&H charge of $19.95 (to help with S&H, disc destruction, and data processing).  Just return the 1st Edition to us with a check, CC#, or Purchase Order for $19.95, using the order form on this website to:

    Interactive Educational Video, LLC
    PO Box 4582
    Chesterfield, MO   63006

Option 2:  1st Edition DVD/CD-ROM Replacement Program

If you bought the DVD/CD-ROM Programs before January 1, 2014,

  1. Purchase the 2nd Edition, return the 1st edition to us
  2. When we receive the 1st Edition, we will provide 1 of the following for each program you return:
    • A classroom set of 30 – 1/8” lighting templates for drafting hanging plots and doing magic sheets  (retail value: $120.00)
    •  A 1 year subscription to 39 of Theatrical Rights Worldwide’s digital scripts.  These can be downloaded to 3 destinations in your school  (retail value: $273.00)

    • A 3 month subscription to Theatrefolk’s Drama Teacher Academy (retail value $111.00)